Bridging gaps & streamlining for innovation

Coaching, consulting and collaborations to establish diverse and inclusive organisations that attract, retain and build talent to foster innovation. In parallel, we design. develop and deliver interactive, community relevant learning programs based on design thinking that inspire and empower people of all vintages and backgrounds to discover their potential in a digital world. We encourage people who are underrepresented in tech roles and organisations to show up, step up and grow.


Three pillars towards inclusion, innovation and positive impact

What can we do to prepare people for the future of work with jobs that don’t exist yet, and meet the skills shortage? STEAM Engine Global provides a platform to build diversity, inclusion and belonging, the foundation for innovation and business. 


Project-based learning with community relevant projects that inspire and empower participants to discover their potential in digital world.

Key outcomes for learners:

  • Skills of the future
  • Confidence
  • Common language
  • Collaborative mindsets

Learners of all ages and backgrounds have agency in their own learning through projects that are relevant to their community and life  – empowerment through engagement & choice.



Build and foster diverse and inclusive workplace cultures that are streamlined for agility and digital transformation.

Key elements:

  • DIB Audits
  • DIB Engagement
  • DIB Indicator
  • Inclusivity workshops
  • Continuous support

We are calling DIBs on Belonging with our DIB Indicator built on best practice and tailored for your specific needs. By building inclusive cultures, we encourage business agility and innovation.



Diverse teams are proven to be more innovative and productive.

Take your team on an agile transformation journey through a fun, effective and inclusive process.

At the same time, inspire & empower disadvantaged young people to continue their STEAM journey by outsourcing your development to STEAM Engine Global, augmenting your team with members of our collective, or through work placement like apprenticeships.



The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a reality check in terms of digital and social inclusion.
Imagine what the rest of the world looks like when an estimated one third of low income families in Australia do not have affordable access to internet or devices?

In a world that is underpinned by technology, digital literacy and online participation are key to health, education, business, and social interaction. Despite this, some members of the community face real barriers to digital inclusion, in the developed and developing world.

93% of the world population are within reach of internet connectivity.
Why then are there over 3.5 billion who are not connected?

We believe we can address this inequality by providing programs to support:
Education | Awareness | Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Opportunity | Innovation


Steam power was a catalyst for the first industrial revolution. As we charge into this fourth industrial revolution where we merge the physical, digital, and biological spheres, commonly known as the cyber-physical systems, we need a new kind of STEAM to support diversity, inclusion & belonging. STEAM that solves pervasive problems and build technology for humane and meaningful use. STEAM that powers a positive future where everyone feels welcome & valued, globally.


Education has been primarily focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to prepare learners for a digital reality. However, emerging future of work research assures us that practical, “human” skills are essential in complex, technological problem-solving.

To solve real-world problems, we need compassion for the user, critical thinking, communication, creativity, a clear focus on quality, ability to understand the subject matter, and a collaborative mindset. These skills are not encouraged within STEM, but fostered within Arts and Humanities, making the case for STEAM (STEM + Arts).



An estimated 85% of the jobs today’s learners will be doing in 2030 have not been invented yet and the job currency of the future is skills, not qualifications. There is already a shortage of “human skills” that cannot be replaced by machines, such as customer service, problem solving and leadership. We need a different kind of thinking to meet the demands of the future, with focus on bringing in new talent and building cultures that underpin innovation.

By bringing in skills and experiences from Arts & Humanities into the STEM landscape, we create the STEAM required to power our future.

Lack of Diversity

Technology powered roles and organisations remain very homogeneous in terms of culture and thinking.

New people often feel alienated and don’t see how they can fit in.

digital access

Despite the promise of technological advancement, levels of income, education and employment still negatively impacts affordability for many people, resulting in further inequality in Australia and globally.



who feel they lack skills & confidence in a digital world & don’t know how to prepare for education or the future of work.


who are going through digital transformation and want to streamline their organisation for innovation.


who are looking for programs that can help their members build skills and confidence required for education and employment in a digital reality. 


who are looking to rapidly implement ready-made programs that can be streamlined and personalised for their learners.



We are a growing collective of people with complementary skills. We believe that we can make a difference in collaboration with the larger community. 

Gry Stene

Founder, Chief Orchestrator & Leading Learner | Product & Technology

Gry is an award-winning thought leader in digital transformation and product management. She has led businesses through significant change and transformation by translating between ‘geek speak’ and business.

Through her 30 remarkable years in the software industry, Gry has pioneered technological innovation for social change. She brings that to life via her keynote speaking and in her role as mentor and coach to women and young people aspiring to what she calls ‘STEAM-powered’ careers.

Gry lives by the principle “together we create a better, more connected world” and is working with people across industry, government, education, business, not-for-profits and community to make STEAM Engine Global happen.

In her spare time, Gry has embarked on a professional doctorate where she is exploring the topic “Shifting the balance – Why STEM alone is not enough, and we need skills and experiences from Arts and Humanities to create STEAM to power our future”

Gry lives in Perth and connects globally. Check out her website or check out her TEDx Talk.


Monique Palmer

Monique Palmer

Advisor | Teaching & Learning, Curriculum Development

Student agency, collaboration and creativity are at the core of Monique Palmer's educational philosophy - with 15 years in education, she is dedicated to empowering students through concept-based education.

Currently, Monique is a Vice Principal and curriculum coordinator - whose passion is project based, student centred curriculum and mentoring teachers in curriculum development. She leads workshops in Asia, training teachers in internationally minded, concept-based education.

Christine Harwell

Christine Harwell

Advisor | Business Strategy & Development

Christine has worked in the technology industry for almost 25 years with global, mid and small size organisations.  Predominately in sales and development roles, she is driven by a passion to enable the success of clients’ businesses as well as the success of individuals within those businesses.

In her discussions with clients, Christine observed that most were grappling with planning for the future workplace, jobs and skill sets.  Her work with STEAM Engine Global arose from a recognition that a shift is required to prepare for the future of working and that every person must be afforded the same opportunities and encouraged to shine.

Joanne Cooper

Joanne Cooper

Advisor | Strategy & Community Sector

Joanne has a diverse skillset, including twenty years as a software engineer and technical manager. Joanne transitioned to the not-for-profit environment, creating fun, supportive and educational programming as a project manager and most recently as an Executive Director, supporting frail seniors, at-risk youth, new immigrants, and other vulnerable residents.

Joanne has a strong desire to support individuals, build relationships, and contribute to her community. In addition to being a skilled facilitator, negotiator and consensus builder, Joanne is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She is also a math tutor to neighbourhood youth, volunteers on numerous committees, writes grants for local organizations, and enjoys doing front-line community work.

What inspires us

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

The skills needed to succeed in today’s world and the future are curiosity, creativity, taking initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking & empathy.

Tiffany Shlain

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Our Global Impact

STEAM Engine Global is part of the Buy 1 Give 1 global business for good community. We aim to create impact for most of our activities and programs. Every time we run a workshop or program where the participants select a project relating to education, we will support a charity that delivers education, and if they work on a poverty project, we support a project that amplifies that.

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