Workplace and Transitional Programs and Consulting

Design thinking and participant-led learning are at the core of all our services. This helps ensure that we gather all relevant information to obtain real perspectives to help us understand and inform better decisions. The participants get a personalised experience and are empowered through choice and relevance. All services can be delivered off the rack, tailored for your needs, or custom-built for your organisation and participants.

We liken it with getting the right fit clothes for a diverse cohort.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Programs for Workplaces

Workplaces are coming to the realisation that they need to become more diverse and to do that they need to create inclusive cultures. We provide the tools and metrics to enable this.

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Team Augmentation for Workplaces

Whether you need a few extra hands and heads on deck for a short time or for the duration of the project, we can help source product managers, designers and developers.

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Digital Leadership Programs for Women - Tailored

Women often struggle to find their place in tech organisations, in particular with regards to stepping into leadership in male dominated workplaces. To help women who are returning to work after a break or want to move into tech from other industries, we are working on an exciting transition program in collaboration with an established leadership training provider.

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Social Entrepreneurship Programs for Women - Tailored

In collaboration with partners, we create exciting entrepreneurial programs that combine outdoor experiential activities for personal capacity building and collaborative relationships with a 6 month interactive tech entrepreneurship program. This program is designed for women who are interested in positive social impact underpinned by technology and innovation.

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