Enable and Inspire New Talent

Project-based learning and 21st century skills are at the core of all our programs to ensure that the learners are empowered through choice and relevance. Programs can be delivered off the rack, or fully tailored for the specific needs of an organisation and participants. 

We liken it with getting the right fit clothes. We have acquired the fabric, and provide patterns that can be streamlined and combined for size and shape. We also create patterns and tailor entirely for specific needs. 

STEAMpunk Adventures - Off the rack and/or Tailored

As an introduction to STEAM, we have created a series of fun, off-the-rack, online programs to inspire young people to explore. STEAMpunk is an inspired movement of creativity & imagination and provides a wonderful backdrop for inspiring young people to develop research skills, learn about history, engage in collaboration.

2 Programs

Digital Inclusion Programs - Custom

It has become evident through the 2020 pandemic that digital inclusion is nowhere near where it needs to be for disadvantaged population groups. We work with community organisations to create bespoke programs to enable and empower their members through relevance and choice.

Details coming soon.

IT Girls Rock Group Coaching

A global movement and collective of IT-curious and IT-savvy women (and non-binary people) who work in or with IT teams, getting together to learn, collaborate and support each other to create a more connected world where we ensure ethical and meaningful application of technology to solve real-world problems.

The IT Girls Rock platform builds capacity and confidence, develops shared language, forms collaborative relationships and builds entrepreneurial mindsets through courses, coaching, conversations and collaborations, and is driven by IT Girls who want to support and learn together.

IT Girls Rock Corporate

In addition to the IT Girls Rock global online platform and community for individuals, we offer personalised coaching for employees in IT roles and teams. 

We also invite you to contact us about opportunities to offer scholarships and support women and non-binary people globally who may not be in a position to access tailored coaching, courses, conversations and collaborations that build capacity and confidence, language, collaborative relationships, entrepreneurial mindsets and expand their tech clout. 

Contact us via email to itgirlsrock@grystene.com or book an exploratory meeting below.